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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Shaw University Student Complaint/Grievance Policy


Shaw University is committed to mutual respect among all members of the university community. This commitment includes students, faculty, staff, and administration alike. In all concerns about fair treatment, we seek to work together to understand and address those concerns without having to file a formal grievance. When that is not possible, we are at all levels committed to a fair and reasonable resolution of issues through a formal grievance process guided by the information and documentation provided in the process. The regulation described below guides the orderly procedure of grievance, and attempts at resolution. (Excluding Judicial Grievances addressed by a separate Policy) Grievances may entered online at https://bearsnet.shawu.edu/ICS/Grievance_Form/ .


*All grade issues must have documentation to support your assertions

** All issues involving quality instruction must have a class syllabus, class notes, test/quiz grades and any other documentation to support your assertion

If a student perceives an injustice in a grade, that he/she is not receiving quality instruction, or has issue with any part of the learning process; he/she may follow the steps set forth here:

The chain for reporting perceived injustices is:

  1. Instructor
  2. Division Head
  3. Vice President for Academic Affairs

All freshmen must consult with the Director of the Freshman Year Program for advice and resolution. Resolution to the perceived injustice may happen at any point on the chain of reporting. We will make all efforts to resolve any issue in a timely manner at the lowest report level possible.


*All housing issues must be reported in writing with name, date, room number and contact information

** Dean of Students will be apprised of the reported issue when it is first reported.

If a student has an issue with housing, he/ she may follow the steps set forth here:

The chain for reporting perceived injustices is and shall remain thus

  1. Resident Advisor on your floor
  2. Counselor on duty
  3. Resident Manager
  4. Director of Housing
  5. Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
  6. Vice President of Student Affairs


If a student has any issue or concern regarding the living and learning environment or policies at Shaw University, please use the following avenues of recourse available to you:

  1. Write out complaint, issue, or take it to the Office of the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs located on the second floor of the Willie E. Gary Student Center. Please include name, date, concern and contact information.
  2. Request a conference with the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs.

** All student concerns will be addressed within two weeks of notification to Student Affairs/Academic Affairs. Issues will be resolved in a timely fashion as time and resources will allow.

You can enter your grievance on Bearsnet at https://bearsnet.shawu.edu/ICS/Grievance_Form/ 

Created April 2009

Student Affairs Policy Committee