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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Division of Social Sciences, Religious Studies and the Arts

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A candidate for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, Sociology, Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice, Psychology, Religion and Philosophy or Visual and Performing Arts with a concentration in Music must complete a minimum of 120 credit hours. Total credits include between 34-54 credit hours of General Education courses. Additional courses may be required to build fundamental concepts. A candidate must earn the grade of “C” or better in all major courses. The Division of Social Sciences, Religious Studies and the Arts offers minors in Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religion and Sociology. The course requirement for each social science minor is 15 hours (five courses) as determined by area advisors. The requirements for the Philosophy, Religion and Music minors are listed below. As a contribution to the General Education core curriculum, the division offers the Social Science course requirements and also offers the ETH-215 course; Cross-Cultural Ethics of Responsibility and the elective in Religion. ART-190, MUS-225, MUS-227 and THR-102 will meet the Humanities/Fine Arts general education requirement.


Division Purpose:

  1. Provide students with a liberal arts education that enables them to initiate employment or to pursue their education in graduate or professional schools.
  2. Provide students from different disciplines with liberal arts foundations, by strengthening their communication skills, enhancing their aesthetic and artistic awareness, providing research methods and developing their critical thinking and problem solving abilities;
  3. Contribute to the humanistic/ethical growth of students by providing them the cultural and historical backgrounds necessary for studying and appreciating the arts and diverse human values;
  4. Prepare students for graduate and professional studies by developing their written communication skills, sharpening their analytical and research skills, and fostering an understanding of diverse human constructs;
  5. Foster an understanding of self so that students can learn to function as literate members of society and as productive professionals;
  6. The Division aims to educate women and men for future graduate studies or professional careers in, or related to, the academic study of the social sciences, music, religion and philosophy or careers in ministry. Its programs of study focus on historical, theoretical, and practical issues, in these areas of thought and praxis. These studies are structured by a balanced curriculum that are normative yet open to the particular academic interests of students.
  7. Prepare students to participate more fully in the global community.

Social Sciences, Religious Studies and the Arts Mission Statement

As a significant contributor to Shaw University’s liberal arts program, the mission of Shaw University’s baccalaureate social sciences, religious study and music programs is to educate, facilitate, and graduate majors who are competent in the field for entry level vocations and/or graduate school, to enhance their understanding of the spiritual, philosophical and ethical values of our diverse world and with regard to Shaw’s own distinct heritage within the Christian and African-American tradition, and to promote the discipline of healthy social science, religious, arts and philosophical discourse through the commitment to scholarly inquiry, research, and discussion.


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