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2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Policy on Disruptive Behavior

Academic excellence demands that appropriate behavior and decorum be maintained by students at all times in the classroom. Shaw University will not tolerate disruptive behavior by students or condone any behavior by students or teacher which incites such behavior. Disruptive behavior is defined here as any behavior which causes disorder or turmoil to exist in the classroom.

When the student is judged to have engaged in disruptive behavior, the instructor shall initiate the following procedures:

  1. Instructor will request the student to discontinue the disruptive action.
  2. If the behavior continues, the instructor will instruct the student to leave the classroom. Security will be called to remove the student if he or she does not leave when requested.
  3. An incident report will then be completed by the instructor and filed with the Dean of Students and the appropriate College Dean. Copies will be sent to the student and the advisor.
  4. After the completion of an incident report, including the student’s comments, the student must secure the written permission of the Academic Dean and Dean of Students in order to return to class. The student will be held responsible for all absentees incurred between the time of the suspension from class and his or her return.
  5. Any recurrence of disruptive behavior on the part of the student cited will result in expulsion from the class and a grade of “F” recorded in the semester in which the offense occurred.

See Appendix II  for the Disruptive Behavior Report Form