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2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Regulations

The Grading System

Scale 4.0 Grade Symbols
A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1
A - 90-100
B - 80-89
C - 70-79
D - 60-69
F - Fail

Standards of Academic Progress

The final grades for the completion of courses at Shaw University are as follows:

A Excellent, or 4.00 grade points per semester hour of credit
B Above average, or 3.00 grade points per semester hour of credit
C Average, or 2.00 grade points per semester hour of credit
D Fair, or 1.00 grade point per semester hour of credit
F Failing (0.00 computed in the cumulative average)
I Incomplete (non-punitive, that is, not computed in the cumulative average)
W Withdrew (non-punitive, that is, not computed in the cumulative average)
S or U Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory (non-punitive) may be given on exams for credit by exemption, advanced placement, and the like but may not be given for required courses.
Z Unofficially Withdrawn (punitive, that is, 0 grade points computed in the grade point average)

The failing grade of “Z” is given to those students who initially attended a class but, at some point during the semester, stopped attending and that was the basis for their failure. The grade of “Z” is calculated in the grade point average in the same manner as the grade of “F”, which is zero (0) grade points earned. Additionally, the grade of “Z” may impact a student’s future eligibility for financial aid.

Required courses in the major in which the student earned a final grade of “D”, “Z” or “F” must be repeated. In all such cases, only the improved grades are counted and calculated into the student’s semester and/or cumulative grade point average.


The “I” (Incomplete) is assigned when the student, as a result of illness, an unusual or mitigating situation, or some other acceptable circumstance beyond the student’s control has not completed the work of the course, provided the student is otherwise passing. The student has full responsibility for documenting the extenuating circumstance. The “I” grade is not to be used to help a student pass a course.

All Incompletes shall be removed within six (6) weeks of the next semester in which the student is enrolled - except by approved extension of time. If the Incomplete is not removed within the specified time frame, the un-removed “I” converts to a grade of “F”.

The Incomplete is a non-punitive grade that is not included in the computation of semester and cumulative averages. A special form for the removal of “Incomplete” grades is available to faculty members in the Office of Records and Registration.

All changes of “Incomplete” grades must be signed by the faculty and Department Chair and be accompanied by record book evidence of completion of incomplete class work. Once approved by the Department Chair and Dean, this information is to be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs. All Department Chairs must document and file copies of grade changes for each instructor.

Policy on Non-Punitive Grades for Veterans

Non-punitive grades are those that are not computed into a student’s grade point average (GPA). Grades of “I,” “W,” and “U” are non punitive grades. Veterans who are assigned these grades will have them reported to the Veterans Administration and benefits that were paid for the pursuit of these courses in which nonpunitive grades were assigned are subject to recovery by the University.

Department of Veteran Affairs

Incomplete (“I”) grades, which are removed during the first two weeks of the following semester are not reported to the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Examination Permits

Effective spring 2012, a requirement for all students to obtain an exam permit in order to take final exams will be enforced. Students will be required to resolve outstanding balances. Students who fail to resolve their financial issues will be ineligible to take final exams.

Exam permits will be issued by the Student Accounts Office and will contain an original clearance stamp and signature from a Student Accounts staff person. Copies or altered permits should not be accepted. Questions or concerns pertaining to the authenticity of an exam permit presented by a student should be addressed immediately by contacting the Student Accounts Office.