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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The Shaw University Code of Student Conduct

I count it an honor to have been accepted as a member of the Shaw University Family by virtue of my status as a student, employee, alumnus, supporter, or friend. I covenant, therefore, to conduct myself and my activities in such a way as to reflect credit upon myself, my faith community, my sponsor(s), but most especially upon my Alma Mater. Accordingly, I agree:

  1. To hold in trust the traditions, practices, and laws that govern this historic University.
  2. To respect all property, discouraging vandalism and thefts of any and all things that do not belong to me. Most especially, to respect myself, exhibiting the values, morals, discipline, and cultural matrix upon which Shaw University was founded.
  3. To always be accountable for my personal, social and professional conduct.
  4. To celebrate diversity. I recognize and therefore affirm the dignity and worth of others who live, work or study in this academic community.
  5. To discourage any behavior within myself or among my peers that would jeopardize the integrity or the reputation of this University. I will accordingly report any and all violations to the appropriate authority.
  6. To foster an open and caring environment.

Disciplinary Policy


The University reserves the right to dismiss any student who violates or disregards policies and regulations to the extent that the integrity of the institution is compromised. The University may suspend or exclude at any time any student whose academic standing or conduct is regarded by Shaw University as undesirable or unacceptable. The use, possession, distribution, and sale of narcotics and drugs in any form other than by proper prescription, as well as drug paraphernalia, are strictly prohibited on the campuses of Shaw University, on University-owned property, and at University-sponsored events. Students caught with drugs, alcohol, or firearms will be dismissed.


A student may be suspended from the institution for a specified time when, in the judgment of its administrators, a violation occurs that is serious enough to warrant such suspension.