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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Honors Program

The Honors Program of Shaw University nurtures excellence in select students who are highly motivated, talented and gifted, and who demonstrate a commitment to the learning process in reaching their potential to become scholars, leaders and role models. It is an innovative, multifaceted program designed to enhance the success of student scholars at Shaw University. The Honors Program’s initiatives and activities concentrate on the growth and development of students’ intellectual, ethical and leadership skills.

All students of the Honors Program must maintain a cumulative 3.25 grade point average. Honor students are expected to learn and demonstrate leadership on campus through active involvement and participation in campus organizations and initiatives as well as community involvement for a minimum of 15 hours per semester. Collectively, they compose the Honors Scholars Association (HSA), which elects its own officers and functions as a student entity of the university. The HSA assists in planning the Honors Program’s annual calendar, social and community service activities for students, and is responsible for planning and implementing special activities such as Honors Week. All Honor students are required to apply for at least two internships and two scholarship each semester.

In addition to the normal academic requirements of matriculation, students must take a one-credit honors colloquium each semester. These special topic courses focus on myriad topics, such as advanced study skills, African American ethnography, the Black Bourgeoisie, and research skills. Honors colloquia are designated as follows:

  • HON 101 (freshman colloquium, fall semester)
  • HON 102 (freshman colloquium, spring semester)
  • HON 201 (sophomore colloquium, fall semester)
  • HON 202 (sophomore colloquium, spring semester)
  • HON 221 (special topics - Honda Campus All-Star Challenge)
  • HON 301 (junior colloquium, fall semester)
  • HON 302 (junior colloquium, spring semester)
  • HON 401 (senior colloquium, fall semester)
  • HON 402 (senior colloquium, spring semester)

Senior students must complete a capstone project which demonstrates critical thinking and original research. This research is presented during the “Senior Night of Excellence” which celebrates their completion of the program. Workshops, career fairs, lecture series, and fun activities that enhance learning and teamwork are regularly offered. Students are encouraged to participate in academic competitions such as the Honda Campus All-Star Challenge (the HBCU National Quiz Championship) and the North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities’ ethics debate team. They are also actively encouraged to pursue graduate study.